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Tours and excursions

Discover the Benelux countries with our personalised chauffeur-driven hire cars

Business Limousine will introduce you to the prettiest towns in Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg. Because our drivers are trained in tourism skills they can act as guides for personalised tours and excursions designed to suit your specific needs.

Select your vehicle, whether it be a luxury saloon or a minibus, and let us organise your visit to the following cities:

Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Paris...

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With our tailor-made luxury vehicle hire service and perfectly trained drivers, Business Limousine can promise that your trip will be one to remember.

Our tour and excursion service offers you a number of advantages:
Choice of vehicle, Comfort and safety, Domestic and international excursions, A tour guide, Perfect timetabling...

As you leave Brussels, there are any number of locations you can visit if you work with a car hire company with reliable and efficient drivers.

If you want unimpeachable service for your tourist trips, you should enlist a specialist in tours and excursions. You should call on us. And you can save some time by requesting a quote from us online.